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Featured Holiday Product: Annilu Jamaican Fruit Cake Mix

The holiday season has officially started and with Christmas only a week away, we want to bring you a taste of the Caribbean to your holidays with Annilu Jamaican Fruit Cake Mix. In the Caribbean, Fruit Cake is known to be a favorite desert throughout the holiday season and Annilu Jamaican Fruit Cake Mix is the perfect treat! It takes only 3 quick and easy steps. Just add eggs, add butter and mix! In no time you will have the reminiscent flavors and aromas of holidays in the Caribbean. Whether you are an experienced baker or a first timer, Annilu Jamaican Fruit Cake Mix makes it easy for anyone to achieve the best baking results. Look for Annilu Jamaican Fruit Cake Mix in the Bakery Section for only $9.99. Get yours today and bring the Caribbean taste of home to your holiday kitchen!

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