New Products Added

We are always adding new products to Kingston Korner Shop to give our customer's the best variety. Recently added from Grace Foods- Aloe Vera Drink (Mango & Pomegranate Flavored). Aloe Vera is known to maintain good health and energy. From the bakery shop, we have added two classic favorites- Jamaican Hard Dough Bread and Jamaican Spice Bun. Both can be enjoyed with Tastee Cheese, another Jamaican classic found at Kingston Korner Shop. For the perfect thirst quenchers from D&G, we now have Ting-Grapefruit Soda, Jamaican Ginger Beer Flavored Soda, Jamaican Pineapple Flavored Soda and Jamaican Kola Champagne Flavored Soda, all longtime favorites.

300PIXALOE grande    300PIXALOEMango grande   

Grace Aloe Vera Mango & Pomegranate Drinks $1.49 each

300PIX Ting 2 grande

Ting Grapefruit Soda $1.75

300PIX Ginger beer Soda grande  300PIX Cola Soda grande  300PIX Pineapple Soda grande

D&G Ginger Beer Flavoured, D&G Kola Champagne, D&G Pineapple Flavoured Sodas $1.25 each 

300PIX Bread grande  

Jamaican Hard Dough Bread $4.25 & up

 300PIX Bun grande

Jamaican Spice Bun $7.99 & up



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